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  1. Do all Perth building brokers provide the same service?


    Many ‘brokers’ will prepare a preliminary sales sketch and use it to shop around with builders. No building specifications are established and it’s only after you’ve been signed up with a builder that any construction drawings or council approvals are addressed. Unsurprisingly, this half-service results in a lot of unforeseen costs once you’re locked in, and neither the broker nor the builder has any responsibility. You end up trapped in an expensive, frustrating situation with the wrong builder, losing money on delays, poor design and poor planning.

    RCI Building Brokers provide complete service. We handle everything from design and construction drawings to council approvals, and we prepare thorough, suitable building specifications before we approach anyone for a quote. This means that when we do go to our builders for quotes, each builder is pricing like-for-like, ensuring you the best price and saving you valuable time.

    Broad experience and strong relationships within the building industry also give us the expertise to handle every aspect of the job. We are responsible for every detail and we work with you and your builder every step of the way to ensure the best result.

  2. How does a broker save me money? How much will I save?

    Using a building broker gives you control and choice.

    A big building company will offer limited options in design, materials and suppliers, for a price they determine themselves. They will then put you on a bureaucratic treadmill and allow costs to mount while their contractors and administrators eventually get around to your project.

    RCI will have at hand a selection of the best builders who specialise in the type of construction relevant to your project. These builders must compete with each other on price to win your contract. Our step-by-step tender process

    routinely shows price options varying by 10-15%, allowing you to choose the best price for your project.

    RCI will also only select builders who are available to start work in a timely manner, meaning you don’t lose money on unnecessary delays.

  3. How important is copyright ownership on my building project?

    Copyright ownership is the most important factor when building!

    When you design with a builder, they own the copyright to the design, even if the idea and the original plan are yours. This allows the builder to fix a price and prevents you from shopping around or making any changes. You can’t argue on price and you can’t engage anyone else to build using that design. Many of our clients have come to us after losing money on projects which turned into nightmares over the issue of copyright ownership.

    Designing your construction project with RCI leaves the copyright to the design with you. This means the important decisions stay in your hands and the design is always yours. You are able to make changes and choose the right builder for your design, and we give you choice around pricing and your timeline.

  4. So do I need a building broker?

    Yes! You need a building broker if you want reliability, control, copyright ownership and the absolute best value for your money.

    RCI are one of Perth’s longest standing building brokers and the only full-service broker in WA.

    We use our expertise to make sure you get the right design, the right builder and the right price, every time.

    Contact us to find out how we can help you.

  5. What is a Building Broker?

    Simply put, a good building broker manages the design of your building project and makes sure you get the best builder for the job, at the right price.

    The building process is complex and can involve dozens of stakeholders. Mistakes and delays are expensive. Approaching builders directly takes away your choice and leaves you with no copyright or control on the design, suppliers, price or timeline.

    Getting the job done on time, allowing for choice and making sure you pay the right price all require extensive industry knowledge and meticulous planning with the right people. A full-service building broker gives you the design you want and works with your builder to manage all of this for you.

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