Right Builder

Sorting the best from the rest.

Choosing your builder is the biggest decision to make for your building project. There are over 4,500 registered Perth builders, and they’re all looking for business! But how do you know which one is right for you? Some builders will specialise in two storey homes, others in multi unit developments and some do expert renovations and extensions.

Then there are the heavyweights. The big project builders often say that they always give the best prices due to their buying power. This isn’t true. On one-off designs or unit developments, our tender process has shown that smaller builders are not only more competitive price-wise, but save you more money by getting to site faster and completing your project quicker.

The good news is that RCI Building Brokers have already done the work in sorting the best from the rest. We have had over 300 builders price work for us and have found only about 10% to be competitive. Make sure you don’t pay too much!

We also know which builders do great work on specific projects, so whether you’re building a duplex development, adding another storey to your house or building your dream home, we know the right builders for you. Even for a builder’s standard from the newspaper, which a big builder may offer for less, RCI can help to ensure a smoother process with the right builder – so talk to us first!

Right Design, Right Builder, Right Price – Every Time!