Right Price

How much money can we save you?

Can you afford to pay 15-20% too much for your new home or investment project?

Of course not – and think of everything else you could do with that money! A saving of $50,000 now could equate to more than $100,000 over the life of your mortgage.

The problem with going through a builder is that once they’ve designed your project, they can charge you whatever they like because they own the rights to the design. A good building broker, like RCI, will solve this problem, but what about the bad building brokers? A bad broker will get quotes on plans with no specifications, or on several different plans, which is like comparing apples with very expensive oranges! Worse, you can get locked into a contract with a builder who will cost you more with delays, unforeseen changes due to poor design and lack of expertise.

RCI’s unique tender process takes into account all of the factors that will affect the price of your project, not just the up-front figure. We design our projects with care, prepare a specification and obtain all necessary approvals before we tender it out to four or five of Perth’s best builders – this makes sure they’re always pricing like-for-like. We often see our prices come in 15-20% cheaper than quotes from other builders, including the big Perth building companies. We consider the design, the time taken for your builder to get to work on site, the time to build, and of course the best quote, to get the right price for your job – every time!

Right Design, Right Builder, Right Price – Every Time!