Your building project, from concept to completion


RCI takes on the administration, design and approval roles that normally happen in the back offices of building companies. This allows us to personalise your project to be exactly how you want it, and keeps you in control of design, materials and price.

Step One: You will meet with your RCI consultant to talk about your project in broad terms. We will establish whether you’re building your dream home or looking to invest, and we’ll work out your expected budget and timeline. RCI will also survey your block and carry out a soil assessment.

Step Two: Our in-house designer will meet with you to design your project, from the ground up. Every design is original and customised to your requirements so there’s no need to compromise on making your project exactly what you want it to be. We have available a full suite of consultants to help you with everything from interiors, landscaping and light fittings to carpets, air conditioning and even swimming pools!

Step Three: We submit your plans to the local shire or council for a building licence and, if required, for planning approval.

Step Four: RCI prepare a tender document for your project including full specifications for all the materials involved. We then take a selection of the most appropriate affiliated builders for your project and invite them to quote its construction. Tendered prices will vary 10-15%, providing you the most important choice for you project – value.

Step Five: Your RCI broker will help you to choose the right builder from the tendered proposals, at the price you want. We’ll introduce you to your builder, show you some of their work, and speak with their previous clients. When you’re happy with the choice of builder, they’ll be ready to start construction straight away.

If you have any problems during the construction period, RCI is on hand to resolve them and to liaise between you and the builder.

Click here to download our Workflow Diagram.